Professor Dr Helmi Al Hajjar, Attorney at law
- Litigation, legal consultation and arbitration.
- Legal advice and services in the field of real estate, financial, commercial civil and administrative contracts and in the preparation of case memorandums for submission to the court of cassation under both Lebanese and UAE laws.
- Over 25 years of experience as a practicing lawyer through his own firm in Beirut, Lebanon in addition to his experience as a judge in Lebanon for 17 years and a judge in the commercial chamber in the court of cassation in Abu Dhabi.
- Professor at the higher institute of Legal studies at the faculty of law and political and administrative sciences at the Lebanese University in Beirut.
- Registered arbitrator at the Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration Center
Address: Hamra Street, Rasamny Center, 3rd  floor, Beirut, Lebanon.
Mobile: + 961 3 788848, Landline: +961 1 788889


محاماة واستشارات قانونية


ندوة عن المحكمة الدولية جريدة المستقبل

مقر جمعية بيروت للتنمية

ندوة عقدها تجمع حقوقيي المستقبل في مقر جمعية بيروت للتنمية في حضور النائبين عمار حوري ووليد عيدو والوزير السابق الياس حنا ونقيب المحامين السابق سليم الاسطى والمنسق العام لتجمع حقوقيي المستقبل المحامي جميل قمبريس وعد من المحامين.